Monday, 9 January 2012

Hail the reading angels!

Many authors, particularly the debut kind like me, depend upon dedicated book bloggers and reviewers to supply invaluable feedback on our work. Without these voracious and discerning bibliophiles, new authors would remain anonymous and unread. The internet is many things, good and bad, but as far as newbie scribblers are concerned it is a veritable gift from the gods of literary endeavour.
The review angels don’t charge fees to read once they accept your submission, and gift their time in offering an honest appraisal. If this kind of genuine altruism were as prolific in all walks of life, the world might be a better place!
I have requested a number of reviews from such reading angels and the feedback has been hugely helpful in understanding the way people perceive my book. Yes, it’s wonderful to get a five star, but I don’t expect that to be consistent. I received a review today from The British Fantasy Society - absolutely fabulous, but the reviewer did remark on something that slightly grated on him. I was strangely - or perhaps even perversely - pleased with his criticism. It tempered his otherwise glowing review, giving me valuable insight into which buttons my narrative presses. As it happens, he was spot on with his criticism and I know this because I’ve often seen close friends eyes rolling when I get on my hobby horse! I shall take this into consideration and work my messages with more subtlety and stealth. Sledgehammer back in the shed.
As reviews start filtering in, the heart of The Toy Sorcerer begins to beat. It feels almost as though the book is taking its first real breath as more people turn pages and give it life. The Final Prophesy is unfurling as I feverishly pound the keys every chance I get. I’m managing very little sleep these days, but that’s just a symptom of an active - or overactive - mind at work and I’m grateful for it. I live in terror of lethargy!
My quest for feedback continues and I shall be knocking on many more reviewer doors.
Hail the reading angels!