Friday, 16 March 2012

Being Belial

This is my first blog post in over a month - which means I’ve been writing hard, so all else takes a back seat!

I am presently writing The Final Prophecy - second in The Ancient Knowledge trilogy. Right now, I’m the devil. And I’m really enjoying him. The Final Prophecy cannot be written without his influence and what better way to represent him than from his point of view?
He is, of course, the embodiment of gorgeousness and temptation; his amorality and iniquity pristine in its logic and deliverance.
Lord Morgen, now on Earth and in delicious human form, precipitates Armageddon - The Final Prophecy of 2012 - from which there is no escape. Viewing the carnage through his eyes, the end of human civilisation is an exciting diversion. Torment, suffering and lingering death are chocolate fudge cake and cream with toffee drizzle, for Lord Morgen. He views his corrupt human allies - politicians, bankers, corporations, clergy etc, as one might view a deadly virus through a microscope. With contemptuous fascination.
His is a unique perspective; as singular as that of a god - whichever version you choose. But as I write, I begin to realise that at this stage of the game, Lord Morgen is more of an observer than perpetrator of the destruction.
He played his part when he created the historical markers that set humanity on its ultimate path to self-annihilation; tipping the natural balance off kilter when he ‘suggested’ a possible answer to an unanswerable question. Then all he really had to do was let hunter-gatherer man intensify, twist and defile the new ‘idea’ over the next twelve millennia or so, until it evolved into a profligate tide of conflicting beliefs and avaricious perversion.
Twelve thousand years on and the results of his seeding have blossomed into twenty-first Century ‘civilisation’.
So, the devil can now sit back comfortably and enjoy the show.
And what a show! His protégés have done him proud. With so many more levels of human iniquity than are attributed to Dante’s version of hell, he celebrates and encourages the worst of man.
Lord Morgen’s task is so much easier than his nemesis’, Alice. She has to dredge the prehistory of the human soul in order to scrape together enough of the Ancient Knowledge to claw humankind back from the abyss.

And now, in true devilish fashion, that’s enough. You’ll just have to wait until The Final Prophecy is published on November the 21st 2012, to learn the rest!