Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 - The year of bated breath?

Forgive me, for I have not blogged for three weeks! There never seems enough time in the day - or night - to achieve everything on the, To Do, list and getting a round toit is tough - perhaps I should try looking for them on Amazon?
Anyway, I digress as per. It is 2012, a year shrouded in eschatological beliefs and theories regarding the end - or spiritual rebirth - of our world. The Mayan apocalyptical predictions have always been a subject of much conjecture; depending on the interpretation, either the world will come to a sticky end or merely move into a new cycle (calendar). The New Age theory is similar; the Christian ‘Rapture’ or ‘Millennialism’, is entrenched in the idea of a rebirth of a world enjoyed by the good and the meek after the rest of the sinners have been judged by God. They’ll be a lonely couple, eh?
Another theory suggests that the Earth will be destroyed by a passing asteroid or planet known as ‘Nibiru’. There is also the sun flare theory. In fact, there are so many conflicting ideas and interpretations, one may as well toss a coin as to which you choose to entertain.
Personally, I’d like to consider that any ‘rebirth’ will apply to our species alone, as opposed to a catastrophic extinction event that affects the entire planet. After all, we have to face the fact that, so far, our behaviour hasn’t exactly been . . . exemplary, has it? Unfortunately, religion and politics - one and the same animal - is primarily to blame. Voltaire always springs to mind; ‘If God didn’t exist, man would find it necessary to invent him.’ And of course, the invention of gods has always been a highly profitable venture for their proponents - currently, the Vatican is the wealthiest corporate body in the world and grips the global purse strings in its despotic hands. This is off the back of a religion that propounds the theory that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to pass into heaven. In which case there will be a very long ‘naughty queue’ of Popes and Bishops outside the basement door, won’t there?
So, if the ‘rebirth’ of human kind is burgeoning, how will it manifest? Divine enlightenment? Military apocalypse? Or are we teetering on the precipice of human evolution brought about by necessity?
Which brings me nicely to the book plug for, The Final Prophesy; second in The Toy Sorcerer Chronicles. It is essentially this event that Alice and her compatriots are instrumental in creating. The concatenation - isn’t that a delicious word - of dimensions; Earth and the Dream Realms, initiates a global conflict that results in the necessity to ‘reboot’ the way human kind behaves, not only toward each other, but everything else that inhabits the planet.
The knowledge of the Ancients is finally rediscovered - hidden for millennia by the bad guys - and the conspiracy of god creators and destroyers is exposed for what it is. The birth of the New Age unlocks the human mind and so begins our return to a symbiotic relationship with Earth.
But new beginnings are never easy; the yin and yang are forever opposed . . . book three.

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