Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Final Prophecy is almost upon us.

Howdy folks, yep I’ve been slacking again on the blog front. But not on the writing battlefield. The Final Prophecy is almost upon us; the winter solstice of 2012, which hails the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of the New World.

This past twelve months has seen sooth seekers matching current events with ancient predictions; Nostradamus devotees are having a field day. But, let’s hope that the blackest prophecies are wholly wrong, or we’d better start ticking off that bucket list PDQ.

And I won’t get to sell many copies of my ‘Final Prophecy’ if the world comes to an end in less than a fortnight!

Book two in ‘The Ancient Knowledge’ trilogy is available in all e-book formats on Smashwords. Cutting it fine, I know, but as I’ve been writing concurrently with the unfolding ‘final’ year, it just had to crest on the wave of bated breath.

Paperback will be out in the coming New Age. If indeed it comes.

I’ve re-categorised the trilogy to, Epic Fantasy/Fiction, after taking on board some fabulous feedback from readers. The Ancient Knowledge series is definitely for a sophisticated reading audience: adults. Too many bloody long words! Though I shall not shrink from my devotion to the endangered English language, I have refrained from throwing too many tongue twisters into the pot this time around. There are one or three more contemporary vernaculars in there too.

Literary snobbery aside, The Final Prophecy is  . . . explosive, violent, controversial, irreverent and revolutionary. Truth is hidden in plain sight and there is as much fact woven into the tale as there is fiction.

I challenge, therefore I offend; inevitably. But, having said this, the anthropological and theological suggestions I make are no less plausible than older biblical/science fictions.
I stood on both sides of the fence and wrote from my character’s heart – or lack thereof. I have found much wanting in the established authorities and doctrines; as have we all. I have looked closely at our species and found much wanting there too. I have also, I believe, identified what makes us uniquely beautiful. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion.

The journey to The Final Prophecy has had me weeping with grief and frustration and raging with fury and inner violence. The mere fact I am capable of such extreme contrasts of emotion is testament to an inalienable truth; there cannot be light without dark. To deny it is in defiance of nature. And look at the results.

For the last two thousand years we have been told we are the ‘light’, by the darkest souls on Earth . . .


  1. I know I was one of the reviewers who commented on the long words, but I hope I also made it clear I LIKED that :-) I love learning new words, even if I can no longer maintain them in my brain like I used to. Looking forward to the new one!

    1. Thanks Katy - plenty of delicious words in there still!