Friday, 21 December 2012

The New Age; can we survive it?

Well, the solstice hour has come and gone and we’re still here . . . did anyone really expect not to be? Don’t answer that!

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, age of Aquaaarius . . . only the oldies amongst us will remember that one.

The New Age; what does it bring? Um, well here in the UK; austerity - governmental jargon for, ‘Established authorities and the banks that own them made huge cock ups with their sums and now the sheeple have to pay . . . again and again and again until the multi-billionaires have restocked their wine cellars.’

The balance of world power is shifting from the West to the East and the planet’s resources are dwindling fast as the human population explosion continues to explode. Meanwhile, the ‘buy, buy, buy’ conditioning of commercial television continues to tempt the young with the latest gadgets, that are outdated almost the moment they leave the internet sites they’re purchased from. Online gambling is peddled after the 9pm watershed – like that ever did anything to stop children from being contaminated – and the desperate are cajoled into chancing their last few quid in the hopes they might win enough to pay the unlawful mortgage the banks sold them. Pensioners are struggling to feed themselves and keep warm after the likes of Gordon Brown stole and gambled their hard earned savings; why hasn’t he and his fellow thieves been convicted of treason?

An alarmingly high percentage of the population are prescribed anti-depressants to ‘deal’ with the pressures of unlawful demands for money from corporations.  (Have you ever noticed that all the utility bills arrive a week or two before Christmas?)

The education system has dumbed down to take account of the illiterate and innumerate it is turning out, whilst banks cash in on University fees for kids who don’t stand a hope of getting a decent degree or a job thereafter.

British manufacturing, small businesses and individuals are going bust at an alarming rate – the bankruptcy courts are handling dozens a day. The price of food and fuel has skyrocketed whilst salaries and pensions have fallen. Taxation is levied in triplicate upon triplicate for the sheeple whilst the super-wealthy pay nothing and fill out secret forms to claim back everything they’ve spent. Politicians continue to fake their expenses, pay themselves huge unwarranted salaries and take bribes from massive corporations who swallow up the little guys with a view to total monopoly.

Pause for breath.

Thousands more species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct as habitats are torn down to satisfy corporate greed, whilst native human populations are corralled into ghettoes or slaughtered for the continuance of commerce. The polar ice caps are melting faster than the ice cubes in the bankers’ champagne coolers and deluded religious fanatics threaten the very fabric of reason and biological fact.

And the rights and liberties of the common man have been eroded to tatters by legal sleight of hand; reducing us to a species of unwitting limited companies owned and controlled by the state, without our consent.


Who is ultimately to blame for all of this? All of us.

Why? Because we none of us said, NO!


Happy Commerce Day, folks!


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